consalio maximizes the impact of all advisor projects across the organization.

As the first Advisor Impact Platform, our mission is to transform the way corporates and advisors work together. consalio provides full transparency on key success metrics throughout the entire project lifecycle. On top consalio eliminates and automates inefficient manual processes between corporates and advisors. This will increase project impact, decrease risk for budget excess and avoids time consuming and pointless discussions about invoices.

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Increase the impact of your advisor projects with consalio

Advisor Project Planning

Dynamic forecasting and project evaluation based on project blueprints and archetypes

Advisor Database

Improved evaluation of RfPs regarding advisor rates, project scope and satisfaction

Advisor Cost Allocation

Automated intercompany cost allocation of advisor projects

Advisor KPIs

Pro-active management of advisor projects based on realtime key success metrics

Advisor Landscape

Visibility on all contracted advisors in the organisation by department & project lead

Advisor Workflows

Workflows for out-of-scope management and invoice approvals

Transforming the way you collaborate with
your advisor


Summary of current project status of key measurables: budget consumption, planning accuracy, billing progress & project cost volatility


Communication platform between project owner and advisors: request and approval process for new and out-of scope tasks, invoice approval processes and alert functions


Evaluation of project satisfaction on various quality dimensions enabling corporates to build a solid advisor panel based on long term and trustful relationships


Enhanced data analysis for decision making support: deviation analysis, dynamic forecasting, project pattern recognition and comparability of projects

consalio is eliminating manual work for both corporates and advisors and maximizing project impact through smart automation

As the single source of truth for current and historic advisor projects, consalio enables early conflict identification, realization of cost efficiencies, comparability of advisor projects with each other, and identification of improvement measures.

All project data in one place

All data is stored in one place allowing immediate access and comprehensive analysis from one source.

One tool for all advisors

consalio offers a single application to manage all your advisors within the organization in real time.

Total real-time transparency

The dashboard translates complex advisor time sheets into easy-to-understand project and cost overviews. At one click. At any time.

Easy to set up and use

consalio is web-based, easy and fun to use. It reduces complexity without losing information.

Connectivity with other tools

consalio can easily be integrated in existing project management tools.

Custom dashboards

The dashboard can easily be customized based on individual priorities, function and user preferences.

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B2B SaaS start-up consalio backed by angel investors for an optimized advisor spend management

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